Effective Outdoor Signage Features And Rules To Draw In More Customers To Your Business

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Despite the clamour to advertise products and services online using social media and business listing platforms such as: Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Kijiji, Yelp, and so on, businesses have a lot to gain by using physical outdoor signage to draw in customers.

Outdoor Signage can also be used for branding a business as well as for announcing specific deals the business is offering to its customers and the public.

Jurisdictions have local laws regulating the design and placement of signage on streets and business locations. Violating these laws often attract fines and seizures of the offender’s signage. Therefore before placing a sign, the owner must follow the local laws to avoid these consequences.

Besides compliance with the laws on signage, there are some important features and rules for business signage owners to be mindful of. Keeping to these rules will ensure that your signage lures and draws in much more customers to your business than you would expect.

So what are these important features and rules?

Keep The Message Short

Drivers have just brief seconds to read a sign and as such, a good rule is to keep the message between three and eight words depending on the size of the sign display.

Let The Words Be Bold

Bold signs are attention grabbers. The fewer the words, the bolder the sign and its ability to grab attention and be understood in a brief exposure.

Display Only One Message

For a street sign to be effective, it should have only one message because people driving by cannot process more than one idea from a sign.

Use Contrasting Colors

Best signs use two or three contrasting colours (max) to produce good visuals and readable words from a distance. It is important that the signage colours are appealing to the eyes and draw the attention of people driving or walking by the signage.


According to studies, outdoor signage as an advertising and branding tool can draw in almost seventy percent of the customer base and referrals to business.

To yield the expected result, the signage must be designed in such a manner that the message is short and clear, the words are bold, and the colors are eye catching, such that the signage is able to grab drivers and passers-by attention easily.


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This article is written by Abraham Aikoroje, Manager at Edkin Art.

Whether your business is located in a stand-alone storefront building or in a multi-tenant complex you will certainly benefit from the use of temporary signs. This also applies whether you are a sole proprietor or a multi-national chain.

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