Low-Cost Street Sign Rental (Please Call, Text or Email Us)

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We place street business ad signs in approved streets across Calgary in line with the city signage bylaws.

Mobile road signs are a low-cost and very effective form of advertisement for businesses in a city.

Our signs are designed to withstand the weather, remaining erect and visible always.

We frequently patrol the city streets where our clients' advertisement signs have been placed, to inspect them and ensure that the signs are in good shape and visible always.

Stand/Sign Dimensions

Stand Height: 36"

Stand Width: 32"

Sign Length: 32"

Sign Width: 24"

Cost Of Sign Rental

Print Cost: $45 per sign, per side (one-off)

Rental Cost: $30 per sign per month 

Renting A Sign

To rent a sign, please call/text: 587-586-2734 or send an email to: edkinart@gmail.com